How Your D-SNP Members will Impact Your Future Star Ratings and What You Can Do About It

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Join us to understand how to best support D-SNP members and how they play an outsized role in your Star Ratings.

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP) member populations have grown at double the rate of other member populations. That growth shines a necessary spotlight on supporting these members, where over 75% live below the Federal Poverty Level, have multiple chronic conditions, face complex social determinants of health, and are ultimately the hardest for health plans to reach and engage. 

Health plans play a critical role in addressing the barriers that have hindered the care for these populations, as doing so is crucial for enhancing the quality of care and outcomes. Between Star Ratings changes and the initiation of the Health Equity Index, supporting your vulnerable D-SNP populations and adequately caring for marginalized members can make the difference between hitting 4+ Stars or not.

During this 40 minute virtual session, we will cover:

  • The Star Ratings most likely to be affected by D-SNP engagement
  • Actions to overcome barriers health plans face in engaging with D-SNP members
  • What D-SNP plans can expect in the first HEI, and what you can do about it now
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About the Speaker

Anne Davis, VP Government Markets and Strategy @ Wellth

Anne Davis brings more than 20 years of healthcare experience to the Wellth team where she leads strategy across Government Markets. For the last decade, Anne has been focused primarily on improving care & experience programs for managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. At Martin's Point Health Care, Anne led the Health Management team of nurses and social workers conducting utilization review and care management. Anne has worked with vendors such as Cotiviti, Eliza, Health Dialog as well as with health plans, health improvement organizations and nonprofits as a quality and evaluation consultant.

At her core, Anne wants to support people in living well (safe, nourished, healthy). The mission of Wellth is what brought her to this position. Anne is an active teacher and board member of Sea Change Yoga, bringing the tools of yoga & meditation to all. Anne loves to hike, swim, and laugh with her family in Maine.