Case Study

Unprecedented adherence successes for highest risk patients:
A partnership with Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai Peak Health is a full-risk outpatient clinic within one of New York’s leading health system.

Serving a primarily Medicaid population, many of the patients at Mount Sinai face one or more chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, and COPD as well as behavioral health and substance use disorders. Wellth worked with Mount Sinai to include a segment of their patient population in a 70-day engagement.

At the end of the 70-day program the average adherence among the 59 program participants was 85.1%, with 69.5% of patients achieving an average adherence of 80%+.

"I absolutely love Wellth. If I could have almost every patient on Wellth, I would definitely recommend it. It really helped my patients adhere to their care plan. Many of them continued on to use Wellth even after they finished their initial  program."
Nia Medder, DNP
Mount Sinai Peak Health Clinic

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