Case Study

Driving down readmissions for patients with high-risk:
A partnership with AdventHealth Deland

AdventHealth DeLand is an acute care hospital in Florida experiencing an average of 8,000 discharges annually. After facing a Medicare Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), AdventHealth leadership partnered with Wellth with the goal of reducing those readmissions.

When AdventHealthDeLand began the program, 30-day readmission rates were at 19% for these high-risk populations. Within 30 days of the program, readmission rates had dropped to 8%—a 57% reduction. In addition, these patients were showing a 91% rate of medication adherence.

Wellth’s results with AdventHealth DeLand show that recognizing how people truly make decisions—and using that understanding to form new habits—leads to unprecedented adherence success rates.
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