Wellth and ACHP: Driving Better Star Ratings with Behavioral Science in 2024 and Beyond

40% of health outcomes are directly tied to individual behaviors, and a significant portion of Star Ratings measures are closely tied to daily actions of each health plan member. For complex member populations managing multiple chronic conditions and social determinants of health, there is an elevated risk of non-adherence, increased healthcare utilization, and severe health complications. How can health plans then effectively leverage the behavior of these complex populations to excel in future Star Ratings metrics?

Watch this webinar to learn how behavioral science can revolutionize member engagement and assist health plans in unlocking their untapped Star Ratings potential.

Driving Better Star Ratings with Behavioral Science in 2024 and Beyond
In this webinar, you will learn:


  • Key psychological factors that affect member engagement and satisfaction.


  • How to interpret 2024 Star Ratings through the principles of behavioral science. 


  • How to leverage behavioral science to reach untapped Star Ratings potential within your plan.




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About the Speakers

Anne Davis, VP of Government Markets & Strategy at Wellth 

Anne Davis brings 20+ years of healthcare expertise to lead Wellth's Government Markets strategy. Her last decade has been dedicated to enhancing care and experience for Medicaid and Medicare Advantage recipients. At Martin's Point Health Care, she led nurses and social workers in utilization review and care management. Anne has also consulted on quality and evaluation for vendors like Cotiviti, Eliza, and Health Dialog, as well as health plans, improvement organizations, and nonprofits.


Dr. Sarah Watters, Behavioral Scientist at Wellth

Dr. Sarah Watters holds an MSc and PhD in Social Policy from the London School of Economics, specializing in behavioral principles in health-related decision making. She led multinational research projects, including the EU-funded MonAMI research project, focused on senior telecare. At Wellth, she develops behavioral strategies and mobile technologies to assist patients with various chronic conditions. Since joining in 2021, Dr. Watters has significantly reduced avoidable inpatient and emergency department utilization while achieving key health outcomes.